We are back with an interesting written update of Kundali Bhagya’s latest episode. It is going well with great TRP on television, we know that this serial is going to be very popular and famous among people, this serial comes on ZEE TV channel on television.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update

According to the promo video, the latest episode starts with Sherlin saying what are they talking about, Bj Jee explains that it was Natasha who started it all and she only wants to know where is her Preeta, Kritika suggest that they should not go now because Preeta is resting, Karina also says Preeta only rests but today she would have tired because she acted being unconscious.

Bi Jee asks Karina not to talk a lot when she is quiet then she looks nice, Bani Dadi questions why is Bi Jee insulting her daughter in their house, Bi Jee explains she had come from the in-law’s house but since Karina had misbehaved with her so she replied then Bj Jee calls Mona asking she knows who is she, she explains that she is really very strict and she does not forgive anyone, who makes a mistake when the doctor comes, Karina says they should go to the Preeta’s room.

Shristhi goes to the room, where Preeta tries to get up however Sheisthi said she should take a rest, Bi Jee also sits beside Preeta asks why had she not told them about her health when they talked on the phone, then she replies because that time she did not eat the lunch when she ate the salad.

The doctor starts to check Preeta for her illness, says she was told that Preeta was feeling dizzy, Prithvi tells he has information which is that mona is giving the poisoned to Preeta feels, Bi Jee tells that Preeta never lies and she knows if Preeta blamed anyone then would be telling the truth.

Shristhi also agrees with her Grand Mother assuring if Preeta said that anyone had given her poison then would be telling the truth, it is a big claim because the nurse knows her duty she knows how to take care of her patient and she can not hurt anyone Preeta said how she knows that she was a Mona who had given her Poison, then Doctor takes Preeta’s blood for the test.

The doctor informs that she is dubious Preeta was poisoned when Prithvi explains it can have that she got good poisoning but the Doctor mentions she knows what did she say and Preeta was poisoned, she asks them to wait after that everyone leaves the room till the doctor stays with her, Karan is also standing in front of her, he goes to the bathroom.


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