Kundali Bhagya serial is going to be very interesting and thrilled. Now you will see in this serial, Preeta comes back after many years, She is looking very different in her new look, she has changed her look totally in the upcoming show, she has not applied vermilion in her parting, and no Mangalsutra. Means she has changed totally. She came back to her mother”s house, Before that, she was living with her dadi.

Kundali Bhagya, 18th December 2021 Written Update Episode

Now she has joined a new clinic.  now you will see, At her first clinic, She sees Mahesh Luthra in her cabin in a very poor condition, Some hospital staff is searching him for taking him to hospital, Mahesh Luthra gets to hide in the Preeta’s cabin. Suddenly Preeta Sees him and gets shocked. Because Staff is saying he is mentally unstable and dangerous.

Preeta remembers all the past after seeing him and gets emotional. Preeta Mahesh says to her, plz save the family and Prithvi is not a good man, He is the enemy of our family, he asks for help from to Preeta for saving the family. But Preeta was shocked to see him in this condition. Then hospital staff comes there and catch him for taking hospital.

when Preeta realizes the entire situation she goes out and tries to stop him. However, staff says don’t stop him and stay out of it because he is a very dangerous person He can do anything, he can harm anybody. Preeta runs after the van. Then she takes an Auto Riksha and she follows the van.

When she arrived near the van she sees this is a mental assessment, and she goes to the hospital doctor was giving shock treatment to him, she tries to stop him but the doctor won’t listen to her

When the doctor comes out, Preeta asks the reason for the shocking treatment and the doctor asks her, who are you of him and what is your relation with him. She replies, he is my father and I am his daughter. Doctor Asks if you are his daughter then why don’t you know anything about him.

Preeta says she was not living with him, that’s why she is not aware of his condition. After that doctor tells her, that Mahesh Luthra’s family has admitted him for treatment, Doctor says Mahesh Luthra has little chance of recovering, can’t say anything, Mahesh will be fine or not. Preeta gets worried for Mahesh.

Preeta decides to go to Luthra Mansion, she reached there but she doesn’t go from the main door she goes in from the window and sees Prithvi has all powers of the family. The family obeys his instructions He controls the entire family.  you will see in the  Luthra house, Sharlin is with Prithvi still. They are preparing a plan as always.

They are talking to each other about Mahesh. Sherlin asks Preeta if Mahesh dies then what you will do. Prithvi says to Sharlin Mahesh Doesn’t control me, I control him. Prithvi gives the instruction to the entire family and they are standing and listening to his whole instruction. Karan gets angry at him and he fights with Prithvi.


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