In this article, we are going to discuss the serial “Kundli Bhagya”. Today the episode begins with Rishabh says to Karan that you are blaming Preeta even he doesn’t have any proof against her. Karan says that he is so smart and he knows about the Preeta. Rishabh breaks his passion when Karan asks him that she also shakes hands with you. Preeta says that Karan has a trust that is the biggest problem. Karan asks that when she is talking with her brother why he is interrupted between both of them.

Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode Written Update

Preeta says that she is talking about him so that is obvious that he will include in this matter. She says that she is here to gets their rights. But now she is not going there to make him understand because it is a waste.

She says that he still not trust him and now he doesn’t trust him. That is why he does not prove that this time he thinks that he will trust himself. Karan asks now what about her rights. Preeta says to him that you have to complete all promise which he gives during the marriage.

Preeta also said that they have so many mysteries which she doesn’t know also. Now Preeta needs him to save her family. Then he replies that he will never help her. Kareena says that Karan’s decision is perfect.

Sherlyn tells that she can’t force the Karan to accept her as a wife. Ngo lady tells that she feels Karan thinks to accept the Preeta but his family does not win him and now his whole life like a hell. She says that if the can’t stop talking like this so they have to face the consequences.

On the other hand, the Police officer said if Preeta gives the statement against the Luthra family so he has to arrest all the family. She gives the advice to them to accept the Preeta otherwise next day in every news channel and newspaper has news about the Luthra family.

Preeta said that when Karan left her after his first marriage at that time she doesn’t give any statement against him. And then Preeta also gives him the 1 year time to think about this marriage but now he won’t have any time. Then she says now she is in her home and she can’t take any holiday that is why he has to accept her. For more written updates stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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