Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Spoiler Written Update: Here we are sharing a written update of the very famous show Kundali Bhagya. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. This show is a long-running show. People are following this for a long time. People really like watching this show. The story is outstanding and entertaining. Makers always try to be interesting and thrilling. We have seen in the last episode that Prithvi goes to the office and threatened Karan that he will grab everything very soon and the time will change.

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Spoiler Written Update: Shocking! Karan Stabbed By Natasha

Karan drags him out of the office to call guards. Sharlin also left the house to curse the Luthra family. Rakhi gets furious to listen to her curse. Preeta makes her understand that evil can’t curse good people.  You will see further in the show that Rishabh gets surprised to see Karan working in the office. The brothers hug each other. Karan informs him about the big deal. Rishabh talks to him about the power of attorney papers.  Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Spoiler Written Update

He shows him the papers and he tells him that he will get everything back from everyone, whatever he has lost. Rishabh asks Karan to sign the papers. Karan tells that he will think if he wants to give stress Rishabh or not. Preeta calls Kara, but he doesn’t answer. Riashab got a call from Preeta and she asks him to check her current location fast and asks her to come and save her.

He asks what is she saying and what is the matter. Roxy learns that Preeta is talking to someone on the phone. Preeta sends her location to Rishabh. Rishabh rushes to save her. The men catch and tie her up. She screamed for help. The police come and the goons go out to see. Rishabh hides from them and creeps inside the house to save Preeta.

Later you will see that Prithvi and Sherlin are shocked when the police come to arrest him for Karan’s complaint. Prithvi doesn’t cooperate with the police. Sharlin says that they can’t arrest the Prithvi. They show the arrest warrant issued after Karan’s police complaint. He apprehended. Sharlin loses her temper that Karan has snatched Prithvi from her. She swears that she will ruin the relationship between Karan and Pretty.

You will see that Natasha meets Karan and provoke him saying about Preeta and Rishabh’s affair. Karan gets shocked to hear this and shouts enough. Natasha says that they are cheating on him for a long time. She says that they both are not happy with their marriages. She says that Karan believes him that’s why they are cheating on him. Now let’s see Will Karan agrees with Natasha’s evil? Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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