The all-time favorite television serial is here with some more interesting suspense and dramatic scenes. So far the episode is set to bring many unexpected scenes and twists to the story also. The episode will be telecast on the regular channel at regular timing. The main lead character of the story Preeta is facing new problems that will bring drastic changes to her life. Even Dadi was also angry with her due to some reason.

Kundali Bhagya 6th August 2021

In this upcoming episode, you will see Sherlyn will behave just opposite the expectation of Preeta. She tells Preeta that she is not understanding that why she has harmed her in the past days and it is seriously regretful for her.

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Even she tells her about the kitchen incident which was pre-planned. However, Preeta asks her that she doesn’t need to think too much about that and Preeta is not mine so much. It is enough that she regrets her mistake.

While on the other side, Dadi who has had anger on her in the past is behaving so much good with her. Even she starts choosing Mehendi designs for Preeta. Later Rakhi tells Dadi that they should discuss these designs with Preeta and leaves from here.

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During the conversation with Preeta, Sonakshi tells Preeta that Sherlyn stopped her from entering the kitchen and asks her why Sherlyn did not come to save her. Later she tells that she did this to suspect Sherlyn as the main suspect behind the kitchen blast accident.

Later, as we already knows, Preeta is a good-hearted person so she tells Sonakshi to not think too much about the accident that happened. Even she tells her that Sonakshi should enjoy her Mehendi function which is the most important thing at present time. Sonakshi tells her that she regrets her mistake and can’t forget her mistake for a while.

She can stop thinking about the accident because just because of the incident Preeta may harm so terribly. Karan reveals about the kitchen accident. Sherlyn tells them that she is not understanding that what are they saying.


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