As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people. The show has amazing TRP. This show is running for a long time because of its interesting story. Here we will tell you the upcoming story of the episode, according to the promo vidreo. As we know Preeta came into the house, And she want to save the Luthra family from the Prithvi and says to all that everyone has to obey, If anyone doesn’t obey, so they can leave the house. She says to Prithvi you have to do all the things, which she wants otherwise you can go. She Asks Grish for cleaning the room of Prithvi, she will stay in this room, she gives give time for one day to prepare the room, for one day. she will stay in Karan’s room for a day. She recalls the old memories after entering the room.

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021

Preeta gets emotional to see the room. She will take back everything from Prithvi. She wants Mahesh’s previous position. Now you will see in the upcoming episode Prithvi is in anger because of Preeta’s entry into the Luthra. He said that she can’t ruin anything, which he gained. Sherlin is also in anger at Preeta, Both are scared of Preeta, But they don’t show this. Now you will see in the upcoming episode that Rakhi trusts Preeta, she said Preeta is not a greedy woman, A mother can understand everything. Rakhi says to Preeta, that she knows Preeta is not here for the money.

Rakhi asks Preeta to tell her everything, why is she doing this. She knows that Preeta is here for kind work. She can’t do anything wrong, She says tell me everthing, she will not tell anybody about this. When Preeta meets Mahesh, she cries. she says she can forgive anybody but she will not forgive Sharlyin and Prithvi.

When Rakhi says tell to everything, Whatever in her heart. She promised she will not tell to anybody. But Preeta pretends that she doesn’t understand anything. Rakhi asks why is she doing this. Preeta says that she really has the will papers. Rakhi isn’t talking about the papers, but Preeta pretense. Rakhi tells that Preeta was the one who took care of everyone. She can’t accept that Preeta can marriage for the sake of money. She knows that Preeta can never make relations for money. You can see the entire epoisode on t


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