Kundali Bhagya is preparing a new episode with an outstanding rise in twists and turns. The episode will be telecast tonight. It will start with Sherlyn and Preeta. The episode breaks the long time suspense because Sherkyn is going to reveal the fake pregnancy of Preeta and tells everyone the truth about her pregnancy.

kundali bhagya 31st august 2021 episode

Sherlyn tells that she had already told about the Preeta fake pregnancy to Kareena in Lonavala. But she scolded her and was not ready to listen to her. Then she called Sarla to support her in this situation. Sherlyn further added in her statement that she has proof about Preeta’s fake pregnancy and she will prove it.

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Sherlyn still betraying Preeta in front of all the family members. Rakhi shouts at her and gives her a tight slap. At the same time, Dadi says that Kareena should slap her before. Dadi is so angry and she says Sherly is totally out of control especially after losing her baby. She suggests she to go Sanjana’s house again. Dadi says you are such a ridiculous person having these cheap thoughts about Preeta.

Now after listening to everyone Sherlyn presents the proof against Preeta. Kritika calls Preeta and Karan to come downstairs. The whole family begins questioning and Preeta that why she betrayed them. The situation becomes tougher for each and every member of the family. Karan asks everyone to give a chance to Preeta that she can explain all the situation and the reason why she did this.

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Preeta feels sorry that she did to family members and broke the truth. She accepts her mistake and feels sorry. Even she explains that she faces a situation where she had only chosen to hide the truth because it will extremely hurt all the family members.

Besides all the family members, Dadi will be so hurt by them. Rakhi then continues by saying that nobody can understand what Preeta is going through while Mahesh agrees with her. Rakhi then blesses Preeta and Karan and Sherlyn’s plan fails.


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