Here we are talking about the Hindi drama show on the “Kundali Bhagya”. The episode begins with Prithvi gets angry and ask from the Sarla that why she slaps her because he said everything, but doesn’t like that and he only informed her that what the people said about the Preeta event she wants to sleep him than she should be. She going out of the house and said to slap her because that was a time when he was a member of the family. But now it is not possible.

Kundali Bhagya

And even if God comes and tells about the Preeta then they never believe in that and never want to listen. Its order of the Sarla that she has to left her house and wherever she wants to go she can. Prithvi comes back to say that if she likes him then he will kill him but if she said to live him. So that is means that he accept the marriage with Karan. And she will live the home and never said a single word to anyone. Sarla feels that when gets married Preeta and Karan first time and also said to remove the marriage dress.

She talks with him when Janki, said that she has to live her otherwise she will try to break free and in this struggle, the Janki hit himself on the door. Sarla gets mad on her, he goes to try that if Janki gets hurts. Sarla throws her hand outside the house, He also lives her but he really gets upset. Sarla sits on the couch and the door was open Janki said that it means a hurricane comes and searching the way that is why she closes the door.

Sarla said that open this door and comes the hurricane between in the way and we have with the Mahesh to face. Rakhi sits with the Mahesh and says that whatever she did that is alright. Because she said to drop the Preeta at home although she knows that Preeta did right because he married his husband. But still, she tells to Geeta live him, because she knows that in his family no one will accept her and he does not want to see tears in her eyes in any condition. She requested to the Mahesh to wake up, now she really needs him. For more written latest updates stay connect with us and stay safe!


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