Do you want to know about today’s episode? here we are supposed to tell you one of the most popular and high TRP shows, the name is Kundali Bhagya, most of the people like to watch that show, and it has millions of fans, here we will let you know, what you are going to see in the upcoming episode, so let’s get started.

Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode Written Update

You must have watched the previous episode, it was really awesome, as we know the reception of Preeta is going on, and all the family members are busy in decoration, even Preeta’s family is also so happy that after marriage it is her first reception, which is going to take place in Malhotra’s house, where Katan is still angry to her, but deep down we all know that he loves her, Shrishti the sister of Preeta, she is also happy, and some more members of Karan’s house, on the other hand, some are still having with Preeta but it is their obligation that, they are having to follow Hindu culture.

In the last episode w also found the new Character in the show, whose name is Pawan, he is the brother of Prithi, who loves Preeta and wants to get her at any cost, and he is ready t do everything where the Pawan joined Mahira, who has green eyes for Preeta and she wants to destroy her, she replaced her on the occasion of her reception, and no one knows about it, let’s see ahead n upcoming episode.

Mahira is running in the hall, suddenly she bumps into Sanjana who looks at her with amazement, She wants to ask what Mahira is doing then Sarla comes from behind calling her however is stopped by a guest, Ramona Mahira’s mother also see her from a distance and think what Mahira trying to do, Sanjana goes to Preets’s mom, stop her by saying that she has something important t take about, then the scene of Jabki starts, when she reaches home, she sees there is a gang of goons inside her house, with the weapons, she tries to call Preeta and Srishti but no one of them is responding,

If you love the story of the upcoming episode don’t forget to watch it on your TV screens. The serial is telecast on a daily basis only on Zee tv.


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