We are with of new updates, that is related to one of the most popular shows, which is being watched by millions of people, and day by day it is getting high TRP, the name o the show is Kundali Bhagya, it is the best show ever, here you will know the written update of 2nd Oct of the show, so let’s move forward to know more, what is going to happen in the upcoming episode.

Watch Kundali Bhagya Aug 31, 2020 Full Episode

In the upcoming episode you see Pawan kidnapped Preeta and she is unconscious, he took her on the Preethvi’s house where he keeps her, when she gets conscious, he tells her everything that he is not tom dick and harry, he is not the paid kidnapper by the Mahira, he is the real brother of Preethi, Sanjana or Romana they got to know that she is Mahira at the place of Preeta behind the veil, and they start to stop her so that Sarla can not get to know, she is Mahira, not Preeta. Preeta says to Pawan that she does not want to stay with Preethvi, she longs to get back, but Pawan says, if you think to live with someone else rather than Preethvi, I will kill you.

In the next scene, we see Janki calling to Shrishti, and tell her to know about the suspicious persona, she has seen in Luthras house, and she says her to know his plan, and who was he, what he was doing there. Where Preeta tries to make Pwan understand that Preethvi will never try to kidnap her, then, Pawan says before he got drunk he wanted to kidnap you, and it was his planning. On the other hand, Karan tries to unveil her because he wants to know is she not arguing with him, it was quite strange, but all of sudden, anyone called him, and he goes away.

Sanjna tells to Sharlin, that Mahira has taker her place, Preeta is not there behind the veil, then Sharlin goes to Mahira and takes her away. Shrishti goes out of the Luthras house, she says to Janki not to do anything until she comes there. Preeta is shocked when she gets to know that Preethvi was about to kidnap her because she has not expected this ever not even in dreams due to his good image in her eyes. So now it will be so interesting to see what happens next and what twist comes now, till then stay connected with us for more updates.


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