“Kundli Bhagya” is the Hindi drama serial. In today’s show episode begins with Maya says that they play lots of games now this is the time to finish this game. She hits the Preeta on her head and she gets unconscious. Maya calls her but she doesn’t reply then Maya gets worried about her that is she alive or not. But then she knows that she is only unconscious still and take a breath. And it is a suprise that now they only have to wait for the Ravan because now starts Seeta Haran.

Kundali Bhagya

Karan goes into the hall where everyone comes near to Karan to take a selfie with him. Pawan walks at home and takes a glass of wine on which he keeps on a table. And before going he bumps with Karan but Karan tries to follow him however gets stopped by the fans. Shrishti walking then Sherkine stops her and force her to take something for a drink. She tells that Shrishti is only a guest and she has to attend the function. And she doesn’t have to interfere in their house. Sherline goes far and Shrishti thinks to take the revenge. he stopped by the Sameer and tells that she is really looking so fabulous.

And she also praised her but then she tells them to come with him because she wants to talk something important about him. Janki comes outside from the kitchen to say that she doesn’t get the juice. Thye, she hugs Pawan and apologizes to him, and tells that it happen unknowingly then they give threats that do not meet me even by mistake. Then she leaves the Janki I am sorry that is her fault, that is her fault, so they had to say sorry. He is gonna mad that they don’t have to need any explanation.

Then she goes into her old memories when she was paralyzed and she listens to someone to talk. Maira is in the room that she knows that she doesn’t know what is important in Preeta. Karan has to like her because he is another ordinary person. She thinks that she does not reach in function and she pretend herself as Ms. Karan Lara. She tries to make herself ready for the party. But that time she is not capable of this. Then she thinks that now she has to outside from there. For more written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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