As we know one of the hit shows with high TRP, so let’s know more about the upcoming episode, it is most awaited serial, the name is Kundali Bhagya, most of the Indian like to watch it and they want to know the upcoming episode, there is love in the air is going on on the show, Karan and Preta are coming close to each other, and through this article, you will get to know what is going on in the show and what is the new twist in the forthcoming part.


As you must have seen in the latest episode, where we saw the bond of Karan and Preeta, after the marriage and Reception, both of them started to stay together in the room, and spend all the time together, it makes them more closer to each other, due to the day to day activity, to come across and in the previous episode as we have seen the closeness, where they were fighting as children as always, Preta was sleeping but she feels so cold so she says to Karan for turning off AC, but he denies because he wants to tease her, finally, she sleeps in cold but at night when Kran sees Preete is trembling with cold, so he shows pity on her, and he gives her a blanket to cover her body and he also turns off AC, so that she can sleep peacefully.

On the other side, Rishab asks Sherlyn that, where was she last night, she says I was with Mahira then Rishab warns her that, you should stay away from Mahira, then she thinks about her motive that she has to separate Karan and Preeta, and in the next morning we see, Karan helping Preeta, while she binds her blouse knot, and Karan comes to her helping her, that was a beautiful scene of the whole show when Karan says he feels love for her.

and in the upcoming episode you will see, Preeta is in the Kitchen and Karan is also there at the same moment, then Preeta says touching is normal between husband and wife, but should be the consent of both of the partners, she says to Karan not to touch her without her permission, all of sudden after listening all this from Preeta, Karan moves forward Preeta and pulls her close to her and holds her waist, and shows his love and right  on her, now all the fans are excited to know further twist, so let’s wait and stay connected with us


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