The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya is coming with some latest twists and the fans will get surprising after watching the upcoming episode. The episode starts when Preeta visits doctors to get the proper reports of her pregnancy and she is shocked after hearing the reports from doctors. The doctor told her that the pregnancy reports of you are not true and there was a mistake in your previous reports of pregnancy. While Preeta gets teary at the moment after hearing this and is not ready to accept this. The doctors say that there is a fertility complication.

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2021 Today Episode

After this, Preeta leaves the hope to become a mother as she can not hold up her baby in her womb. This news breaks her totally and she left the spot and thinks that how her family will react to this when they will hear this and they were too happy after hearing the news of her pregnancy.

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She goes inside her room and cries alone. She reminds the words of doctors again and again. Later, we will get to see that everyone is planning to go on a tour and they are just about to leave. On the other side, Kritika will be seen teasing her brother and her brother teases her back.

Suddenly, Karan comes inside her room and realizes clothes are all around in the room. He gets a call from one of his friends that they are facing some problems to get the treasure and then, he says that he will manage. He is waiting for the call and when he tries, her call hears not reachable.

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She comes back to her home and looks too sad. After all of this, Bua take a baby in a room and But Preeta gets upset and she can not share her sadness with anyone. After some time, Kritika and Richa come to her and says that she needs to focus on her packing.

Later, Sherling get a call from Prithvi and tells him that there is nothing among them and he should call her again and talk about this. While she talks with Preeta and heard everything and Sherlin leaves the spot. On the other side, Prithvi gets upset and can’t accept reality and tries to make comfortable himself.

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Also, we will get to see that Preeta will be seen upset in the episode and unable to tell truth to anyone about her pregnancy report. Also, she is thinking about the reaction and going more upset. So, wait for the episode on Zee TV.


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