Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022: Written Episode Update, Karan saved Preeta’s life We are back with the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya and fans are eagerly waiting to know about the upcoming episode. Now, the episode of January 28 begins with Mahesh who scares after seeing a snake and run towards the hall for help. As he reaches to the hall where all the guests is sitting, he shouts and informs us that there is a snake. Karan and Sameer tries to calm him down. While Prithvi thinks that this is a right time for him to execute his plan. He says that this is a home not a jungle where he saw a snake.

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022: Written Episode Update, Karan saved Preeta's life

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022

Prithvi asks guests that Mahesh is just imagining and asks them not to panic. He tells everyone that Mahesh is a mentally ill patient and even after being treated by doctors, there is no improvement in his health condition. He says that he has an easy way to let him calm that hit him with a whip. Karan gets angry after hearing this and screams at him. As Prithvi reveals that Mahesh is a mentally ill patient, they started to gossip and the reporters thinks that this is breaking news for their channels.

Prithvi says to MLA that he should invest in the project only when he can face losses in the future. Then, Prithvi goes to Mahesh and tells him that there is no snake in the house which makes him scary. Preeta comes between them pushes Prithvi and asks Mahesh to hold her hand. She tells that she also saw a snake and got scared. Prithvi get to know that Preeta is trying to spoil his plans and once again, Prithvi shouts snake in order to scare Mahesh but Preeta keep holding his hand and calm him down.

Karan saved Preeta’s life

Preeta assures him that the snake has gone and tells everyone that it has been proved that there was a snake because Prithvi also saw the snake. Preeta asks Mahesh to sit and tells everyone that he had a fever and his mental health is well. Rakhi and Kareena bring Mahesh in the room and Preeta assures everyone that everything is fine. When investors think that everything is fine, they agree to invest in the project.

Preeta gets happy and invites everyone to join them in the Lohri celebration. Prithvi goes outside in anger. On the other side, Sameer breaks from inside after seeing Mahesh’s health. Dadi makes him understand and Rakhi says that she is happy with living with Mahesh. The Episode Ends.


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