In “Kundli Bhagya” today’s episode begins when Mayera asks that after whatever she said she got afraid, She repeat again their words and said the whole world sees who is the wife of Karan and they will see her. She mentioned that she is God Seeta but Karana is not a Ram. And he also meets her he is like a Ravan. Shrishti said to Arora that she is really annoyed, Janki also said the same thing. Shrishti considers that the relationship will be decided early because they invited the Preeta family in their reception function.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Written Updates: Preeta Return To Luthra House

Rakhi sees them and goes forward to meet them all, Sarla gives her the gift then she welcomes them at home. But then her friend comes to meet them and then he gives lots of wishes to the Arora family. Rakhi again receives a phone call after that Janki mention that she doesn’t need to worry because now she is a family member, so that is why don’t worry and enjoy the function. Sarla also goes inside, but then Kareena tries to make her understand that she is that lady who helps to educate the daughters. That they have to marry them who belongs to a rich family.

That is the only way to become a rich, Kareena tells when she is disguise. She is only one for those things Sarla tells she said that what she wants but now she will let them know that they don’t have to need hate from Preeta because she loves the whole Luthra family and she wants that Kareena does not feel bad about Preeta. Preeta asks Maira that who is Ravan she said that Preeta removes the kumkum and Karan comes to take mangal sutra and gives to Maya. Preeta asks her what did you plan, Maira said she feels really happy.

To see all the things Preeta gets afraid and Preeta said that she ant to know about the Maya plan, because she only lives with them and because she only leave with herself. Maira said she will spoil her reputation, then she gets angry. That is why she orders to Maira that go from her room. However, she sits on the bed and said she loves Karan, that is why whoever comes between both of them she can’t forgive them. Even it will be Luthra’s family. For more written updates of the episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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