In the latest episode of Kundli Bhagya 24 September, 2018 written episode Preeta rescues everyone including the Luthra family from the goons. The latest episode stars with the robbers searching the real diamond in Samar’s bag. He tore it from them and offer to run away. The diamond flows in the air and everyone ran away. Everyone is shocked to saw the diamond in the air.

Preeta calls the public who are the first vacillate to came as the PM is supported to come. However, Preeta brandish of uploading a video of their insouciance on the internet and they agree to come. Samar catches Srishty hostage by placing a knife on her neck. The other robbers somehow manage to the diamond. Robert one of the goons suggests of killing the rest of the family as they have seen their faces.Image result for kundali bhagya written update 21september 2018

Preeta founds a gun near her and she places it on Robert’s head. She gave a warning to the Robbers and also fires a bullet in the air. Everyone including the outlaw realises that it was the last bullet. Meanwhile, Karan throws the diamond in the air and got it to get stuck in the electrolier. Samar and Karan both run upstairs to get the diamond. In all this chaos the diamond has fallen down and Preeta manages to catch it while Karan and Rishabh catch the robbers.

The police reach and arrest the robbers and also Samar. The cops thanks to Preeta for making them realise of their duties and calling on the correct time. Monisha upstairs to fix her make-up. Rather than having a talk with her and she tries to scare her. But they can not get panic. She tolds Monisha that she had been seen Karan’s kundali years back and it says that after getting the married he will kill his wife.


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