The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts when Karan talks to somebody and Karan says I am talking to Preeta and then Prithvi comes there and they both starts having a fight for Preeta. Prithvi says how big liar you are as I was talking to Preeta and she will not pick up your call. Prithvi says I am her fiance as I am engaged with her. Karan asks Prithvi not to become so happy as he will fall from sky to the ground one day. Prithvi says you will see what happens next.

In Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2019 episode written updates we will see that Prithvi says that you like Preeta and you cannot confess it. Karan says yes I like Preeta and she also likes me. Karan becomes angry and they both fights. Karan asks him to show the proof that he was talking to Preeta. Preeta was so disturbed and thinks how she can escape from here. Sherlin comes there with mother and they ask what happened. Prithvi revolves the statement and says that we were fighting as Karan is so funny. Then Sherlin looks at them.

Prithvi says you were about to destroy this wedding. Karan says this marriage will not happen and you will also be not able to marry Preeta. Dadi comes and greets Rakhi. Rakhi asks why you both were late. Rakhi asks what happened. Janki says Dadi was not good so we came late. Rishab comes there and asks how are they. Rishab says I was feeling alone when you were not there. Dadi says I was also feeling that and I came here for you. Dadi asks Rishab to say no to marriage and then she will make him marry to whosoever he wants. For more updates of Kundali Bhagya episode updates stay tuned with us.


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