As you know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people, the serail has great TRP on the television. People love to watch this serial. This is a very interesting and entertaining show. We have seen the previous episodes which were outstanding and very entertaining. The gorgeous Shraddha Arya is playing the lead role. Here we are sharing some highlights of the latest episode by written update.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2022 Written Update

We have seen in the previous episode that, Preeta enters the Luthra house confidentially after fighting with all the problems. When she enters the Luthra house Sharlin gets shocked to see her alive. If we talk about the thrilling part of the last episode so that was when Nagre welcome her on the stage. This moment was very interesting.

Preeta tells about the new project, and the MLA and Investors agree with her. Sharlyn shouts at Nagre that why had he done this, he was on their side. Nagre replies that he was helpless, and he had to do that. Keep reading.

According to the promo videos, the latest show is going to be very entertaining. You will see in the latest episode, that Karan shows his love indirectly by saying that Preeta is behaving that he is a one-side lover, Preeta gets emotional after hearing this. Peeta says She has no time and he is talking about Love, she says get away from my way.

However, she thinks that she has done right to come here because Karan loves her. She feels bad for her behavior, and she feels happy to think that Karan was searching for her desperately and she cries to thinks about all the things.

On another Side, Sharlyn fights with Janki and says to her Don’t misbehave with Sharlyn. Janki says Sharlyn has started fighting first. Janki says to Sharlin and Natasha that they both are planning something.

Natasha calls Bhudiya to Janki and she says don’t give her threats. Natasha says show your attitude to Sharlin, not me. Janki says she can read the faces.

Janki says she has to keep track of Natasha’s activities because she can do anything. Janki gives advice to them that, be a good person like her and says she is saying for their good. So according to the promo videos, the show is getting thrilling and we will see some new twists in the upcoming episodes, here we are watching that Preeta and Karan are getting closer, this is a piece of good news for their fans, We will see many things in the show.

Sharlin is about to do something dangerous for running Preeta’s life. Overall the Serial is getting thrilling. You can watch the show on Zee tv if you want to watch entire episodes so you can watch it on the Zee5 app at any time.


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