“Kundli Bhagya” is one of the Hindi drama serials, in today’s show, the episode begins with Preeta said she wants that her family reputation should not be spoil because this is which thing who doesn’t forget the family never because she is a member of this family. Maira said that she is saying a lie because Maira gets engaged and she tried to get married to Karan. That means that Preeta is saying a lie, Preeta asks that she never ever say anything that is why she requesting that anyone comes so that she reveals the truth.

Kundali Bhagya 20th october

Rano aunty comes outside to say this and her friend said that she thinks why Karan gets married to Preeta but now to see this that What kind of person does Maya get rid of. Maya gets angry that why she saying that Karan, Ramona, and Sherline Maira are good not Maya. Preeta said not worried about this because Maira is in a hangover. Rano aunty mentions that she has a really big heart like another person. She would have had her beaten up and they can also help her in beating Maira.

Rano appreciates the Preeta in which Janki interrupts and said that is all because of Sarla Arora. And she confirms that her daughter’s upbringing is too good, then Shrishti also tells that sister is one of the best people in this world. Sameer comes on the stage and takes the mic then Karan and Preeta give a dance performance because the performance makes the party a little lively.

Sherline and Maira forcefully take Maira into the room. Maira asks the question that why they take her into the room because Preeta is that who pour the drink on her dress. To confirm this is her plan that Maira looks like the culprit.

Sherline and Ramona said you have to be changed because no one will believe in you that Preeta did so many things with her, Maira mention that she did so many things for the family. That is why the family has to listen to her and believe in her. Sherline said that she doesn’t tell anyone that she kidnaps Preeta.

It will happen, behind all this Preeta has played the main role. Before going outside from Ramona Ramona send Maira in her room to change her clothes. Sherline thinks till they Maira change her clothes till now Preeta could confirm that everything is equal. For more latest episodes stay connect with and keep following our website.


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