“Kundali Bhagya” today’s episode begins with Rishabh walking into the hall. Sameer follows him and they both bump, Rishabh asks did Preeta is alright. The Karan said that he is a little change. Rishabh gets worried so that they said they call the doctor then Karan mentions the meaning is a change that he is not frightening with them. And he is so calm, he mentions that he like this because she didn’t eat anything.

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan shows love for Preeta

Sameer said this is a good idea because they always stay with her in love, but Karan mentions that this is not a reason because he loves Preeta. They don’t have a habit to fight with her then Ridhabvh mentions that it is happening because he is starting love with her, his feelings are change for her. However, Karan mentions that if Preeta didn’t heart him so they both complete them. Karan mentions that they will complain to both of them to the mother. Rishabh and Sameer start a discussion with each other that he start loving Preeta. Dadi and Kareena both said that they don’t think they break the fast. Because she comes here to keep fast.

Mahira said to Sherline open his mouth, he makes understand both of them that she helps Sherline to eat the food. She is not feeling good because of her pregnant, that is why they come to make something to eat, Kareena and Dadi both are stress, she apologizes to think that she broke her fast. Mahira feeds the food to dadi. With this Shermila thinks Mahira using her but if he throws Preeta out of his house so the result is that Kareena apologizes to Mahira. Mahira is the perfect option because she took the fast with everyone.

He also has proud that Mahira is taking care of Sherline. Dadi mentions that she has to do function preparation. Sherline and Mahira both are happy that they are capable to handle the situation. Dadi is calling Ganesh so that they help to prepare for the function but they don’t find out about them. Rishabh comes Dadi stops them for inquiry that what happens. And the reason he is feeling lazy because they listen to the news the first time. why he is doing this, worried he is because he is a responsible man. For more information keep watching the show and for a written update stay connect with us.


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