In this blog, we are going to tell you about the “Kundli Bhagya” written episode. In today’s show, the episode starts with Maya run in the hall and she bumps randomly with Sanjana. Who looks at her with amazement, She asks that when Maya will come back. Then Sarla comes from behind to call her but just because of a guest it is stopped. Ramona also took him from so far, then they know that what her daughter is trying to do. She sees the Sarla and goes towards her to stop telling anything that she has something most important to talk to her. Between all this Sanjna takes away Maira.

Kundali Bhagya

Janki reaches home then she sends a far auto driver and she gets shocked to see that at home there is lots of goon with their weapons. Then she decides to call Preeta and explain all situations whatever she feels that she will try to search. Then she tries to call Preeta and Shrishti but they both don’t pick the call. Then he gives the assurance that they have to come to the Luthra family and stop him and now they are the Preeta family members and they can’t lose anything.

Pawan slaps to Gabbar when Prithvi is still unconscious. He said that because his man mentions the name. Pawan said that Prithvi has to shift in Preeta’s room because she gets happy to see. Gabbar mentions that he has the best things and only one with the brains. Then he shifted the Prithvi in the room when they go outside then Preeta wakes up and thinks that where she is, Pawan comes back st room. Preeta sits on the bed that he pick her at home and now she is safe no one can kidnap you. However, Pawan said that she is in her house.

So that is why she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Preeta tells that she knows that who is she and he is a Ravan who is sent by him. Because she hired him for the job, Pawan mentions that you don’t give your introduction and then he talks with Prithvi that why he gets worried that is why he kidnapped Prithvi hearing which he burst into laughter. She mentions that whatever she wants to talk she can. But they have to live here and she tries to walk far away. For more written updates stay connect with us and stay safe!


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