We are back with the written update of the Zee TV serial named “Kundali Bhagya“. The episode starts with Preeta as she gets Akshay’s phone. A veiled woman comes there and snatches the mobile by pushing Preeta. She tries to run away but Preeta takes the mobile from her hands. The mobile falls down on the floor and that woman picks it and goes away from there. Preeta shouts and everyone comes to her. Preeta also picks another mobile and moves from there. Ruchika notices that she is Preeta and tells Megha and Akshay’s mother. They wonder why she came here.

Kundali Bhagya

Megha notices that Akshay’s mobile is missing and thinks maybe Preet came here to stole it. On the other hand, Prithvi tries to find Kritika to convince her. He says that he got the entry to the Luthra house just because of her and if she will keep mad at him then he has to go from this house which is not good for him. He says that he needs to stay in this house to impress Preeta. Pammi comes there along with Kritika. He asks her if she is still mad at him. She says to him that there is no need to act.  He says to Pammi that she is not accepting his apology. Kritika says that she has accepted his apology. Serial Gossip

On the other hand, Shrishti also follows that woman to catch her but she runs away. Shristi finds an earring of her and informs Preeta about it. Megha comes there along with Ruchika and Akshay’s mother. Everyone gets shocked to see the sisters. Preeta tells Akshay’s mother that she wants to find the real culprit of Akshay’s murder and she very well knows that Akshay’s phone has the clue about the real culprit. She asks Megha that she must know about the murderer as she has Akshay’s phone but Megha refuses to know anything.

Ruchika says to them that don’t trouble Megha as she is pregnant. Shrishti says to her that today she is showing so much care for her and that day she was about to reveal that Megha is a murderer. They both look at each other and Ruchika says that she was upset that day. Everyone leaves from there. Shrishti gives the earring to Preeta which belongs to that veiled woman. Preeta says that maybe the earring is intimate. Preeta tells Sameer and Shristi that the veiled woman takes a dummy mobile with her. Shrishti gets happy to hear her. You can catch this episode of “Kundali Bhagya” on Zee Tv at 09:30 PM. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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