The most trending and heartbeat of millions of daily soap audience television serial Kundali Bhagya is ready to entertain you again with all the unexpected incidents. This time you will see Achila performing Rajat and Sonakshi’s ‘Gathbanshan’ ritual. It is part of Indian marriages. The priest asks Rajat to apply Varmala on Sonakshi. But suddenly there will be something happens which will change the situation drastically. Let’s have all the details about this upcoming episode which has outstanding thrills in the story.

Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, Shrikant will receive an unknown call and he suddenly stops the marriage of Rajat and Sonakshi. Rajat stops and hesitates to apply vermillion on the forehead of Sonakshi after hearing the voice of Shrikant.

Rajat stands up and leaving the marriage premise. The ongoing situation is extremely unexpected for all the family members and relatives also. Everyone is curious to know that what is happening right now.

Yash asks about what is happening there and why Rajat suddenly refusing to marry Sonakshi. Rajat tells him that there is one thing that forces him to leave this marriage right now even he knows the truth which is unexpected for him. Rajat tells him that he controlling himself to make this truth in his mind.

He also says if he reveals this truth then Sonakshi won’t able to face anyone. The situating getting trouble so much and as a result of it, all the family members get tensed. She asks Rajat to confirm the truth and what will happen if it is not true about her. She also tells Rajat that why he is not believing in her.

Preeta asks him that how he can refuse to marry Sonakshi without evidence. He should ensure the truth before doing all this. Sonakshi runs from the place and Preeta stops her. Preeta tells Yash that Rajat doesn’t deserve Sonakshi.

Shrikant tells him that Preeta accusing Rajat so he won’t leave without exposing Sonakshi. Sonakshi cries recalling Rajat’s words and packs her clothes. Preeta consoles her. To get more details, stay with us and get Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Episode Written Update.


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