“Kundali Bhgaya” show in today’s episode start with Preeta tells that she has to wake up early because tomorrow is Karvachauth. Karan mentions that one more thing he gets jealous when Maira goes close to him. Then he said that the coach calls him when he comes then he doesn’t receive any call. And he calls him, who mentions that he never calls him. Preeta said she never ever call him. She said that she is a busy cricketer and even her coach is also busy that is why he forgets.

kundali bhagya

But he still thinks that he is a culprit when he gives this important news, then Preeta tries to push him however they both fall down together on the bed. They both start an argument that it is his fault, Preeta said to him to say sorry because she never let him go into his room. This is the reason they fall down, Karan denies saying that everything is in his room. That is why only Preeta has to say sorry, but she said forcefully they both say sorry at the same time. When Preeta starts counting then they both don’t say a single word. He accepts the sorry. Preeta gets mad to say that he is a cheater.

Karan asks him how you can kill him before the Karvachauth, tired now. Preeta said in angry that she can’t able to this because he not cheated on her. Then she slept, Karan feels that he is not comfortable to sleep in air condition. Then she again wakeup to start air condition, he turns to see her then she again smiles and slept. Sameer asks to Shrishti about Sarla’s health. She tells me that now she is fine but she is upset for some days.

She said that whatever happens but still she is happy. Sameer said he is not worried because he never said this whenever something did wrong at home so anyone has to be there to says the truth. Shrishti said that she knows if Ramona said so nothing wrong happen with her mom. Sameer said her to inform Sarla that nothing wrong will happen with her family because everyone is busy in preparation for karwachauth. Sameer said to keep the fast for him. For more information keep watching the “Kundali Bhagya” and for the latest written update stay connect with us and stay safe!


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