Here is a written update of the popular TV serial Kundali Bhagya. The upcoming episode begins with something interesting because the episode starts with Preeta enters into the clinic. She can’t understand that why the lights of the clinic is OFF. Suddenly, when she moved back, someone collides with her.

Kundali Bhagya 17th December 2021

They apologize to each other and ask if there is Dr. Preeta. She nods. He tells that a patient has been run away from the mental hospital’s van and is hiding here. Once the person leaves the place, she finds that someone is hiding behind the table. She gets shocked after learning that he is not other than Mahesh who is just requesting her to help his family.

Mahesh tells her about the missing of Rishab and revealed that Prithvi has occupied his entire house including family and business as well. Preeta couldn’t believe that Mahesh is suffering from this condition and Mahesh also requests her to save Karan and the family.

Before Preeta could speak to him, someone people come from outside and drag him to the van. Mahesh says to her that he is not mad and fine. Preeta stops those people who is trying to take them away. The people tell her that he was admitted by his family and every Thursday, they take him to asylum.

Preeta gets shocked after hearing that how did it happen and remembers that Mahesh came to her while she need comfort when she was crying alone. He says that she is crying because it’s her father’s birthday and adds that Rishab and Karan are the lucky ones.

Mahesh also says that he is not lucky as much because God did not give her daughter like Preeta. Preeta smiles after hearing this from him. They both promises to each other that they will always stay beside.

Preeta also decides to go to asylum as well. In the next scene, we will also get to see that Preeta stops the doctor to give him an electric shock. A doctor doesn’t stop. Preeta says that she is her daughter and the doctor says that her family put him here so, they are at the first place.

Preeta reveals that she has not been living with her for some time. The doctor tells her that he came here as a patient and needs proper treatment to get well soon. Preeta keeps thinking about him and decides to go to Luthra’s house. Now, the upcoming episode will be seen more interesting. So, let’s wait for it.


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