“Kundli Bhagya” serial today begin with the Preeta wonders that why how can they think about the Karan. That she calling him inside to see her body and say only this that she can think about him. She said that he calls him because mosquitoes were biting him but he misunderstood her but it is not her loss that she closed the window now she slept well and peacefully. Karan says that Preeta hs too much attitude and she gives the last chance to come inside how can they do this. She only does that thing what they want to do because this is his house and room.

Preeta Kundli Bhagya
Preeta Kundli Bhagya

Preeta notices when they start the rain and he still does not knock the window. And because of her attitude, she wet in the rain. He thinks that he is getting wet here and he doesn’t care about that window is open and accepts that he does not open the window. she gets worried about him and just going to open the window but she stops feeling that she is waiting for him to open the window. He is standing beside the window and he opens the window to see him.

Mahira said that all the bad things happened with her and she going to the Sameer room to talk to him about her insulting. She saw him that he is sleeping in her room and thinks towards the room that no one can stop them. Preeta takes the Karan inside the room and she said that he is not a child that she is behaving with him like this. Mahira gets irritated to see that closed window. Preeta said that Karan has a good knowledge that what he is saying. But he can’t do this and he said to change the shirt.

She said that she wants to see their body and that is why she asking for removing the shirt again and again. Mahira hears all their talks. Preeta said that she doesn’t think like that and his hubby thinks wrong about us. Mahira starts crying and runs away from there. He starts sneezing and she said to remove his shirt why she is saying because she did not take interest in him. He asks why she is not interested when girls dying to see his body. He said to wonder then he will change the shirt. For more written updates stay connect with us and stay safe!


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