“Kundali Bhagya” is a Hindi drama show, in today’s upcoming show the serial begins with Preeti come outside from the car to take the Janki inside. Janki still throws the brick on Prithvi and Pawan men’s. Shrishti notices that there is new petrol in the car. Preeta and Janki said till then we handling them you search for another car. Sheline and Maira are standing outside of the room. Sanjana wants to talk to Kareena. Maya gets a sneeze, Ramona and Sherline send her. Sanjana discusses with Kareena that Preeta left her own ritual of mu dikhai rasam.

Kundli Bhagya 16th October Written Episode Latest Update

She has to think about marriage with Karan. She belongs to a good family and also loves Karan. Kareena said he choose the Maira and it’s sure that for Luthra Maya is the best daughter. She really behaves strangely in front of us. Now she doesn’t want to discuss this topic with anyone. Karan is a good son of her and she is not worth Preeta or Maira, then she goes away. Sherline thinks that Maira has adversely affected her repute in everyone’s eye. Now she has to do something. Outside the room, Ramun and Sanjna argument with each other, that she gives a challenge that she will convince the Kareena.

Sanjana answer that her daughter is not her responsibility in any situation. Preeta and Janki still continue to attack with bricks on Prithvi and Pawan. Preeta turn, bricks are finished. Prithvi gets happy to see that Preeta goes near to Prithvi. He was hopeful if she still loves him. She throws a stone that directly hits on Prithvi’s knee. Pawan throws a bullet shot in the air. Preeta and Janki their hands up. Pawan threats to Preeta that she has two choices she has to get married to his brother otherwise you have to die.

Prithvi beat the Pawan back to snatch his love. Preeta said she can’t get married to him in any condition even she is ready to die but can’t get married to him. Prithvi said he can’t let die her. Shrishti comes there is a car and shouts to call them in her car. Prithvi gets shocked and looks. In the huge rush, she pushes bamboos on them and runs away from there. Pawan shoots a bullet. Janki removes the Preeta on her way. Preeta pushes her in the car. Prithvi shout and said what happens if Preeta gets hurt. For more written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!



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