One of the popular shows, which is in trend and watched by millions of people, it has also huge TRP, the name of the show is Kundali Bhagya, it is on the top, many of the people are looking for its written update so that they can know the upcoming episode, so here we have brought the article through you will the drama and twist of the show. Let’s start.

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta tells Prithvi that she no longer saw my true form yet she has seen good Preeta. She says that Karan was right about Prithvi. Prithvi says, whatever happens, you will marry me and tries to force Preeta to marry his but she refuses to leave Karan. She says that Karan is my husband. I will never marry you. She raised a curtain and started beating Prithvi and tried to escape from the clutches of Prithvi. Just then Prithvi calls his brother for help and Pawan hears Prithvi for help and immediately goes inside to save his brother.

On the other side, Srishti and Janaki are left alone and they find Preeta everywhere. While Pawan helps Prithvi to help him stand, Preeta sees the opportunity and closes the two brothers inside. And tries to escape from there when she runs away she meets Janaki who she tells him that she has regained her memory. She says that Prithvi and Sherlyn tried to kill her on the day of Preeta’s engagement when she came to know that they were in love.

Sherlin Opinion is that only Sanjna is the person who is helping Mahira and she says Sanjana knows kareena very well and they both are good friends she is the person who can convince Kareena to marry Mahira again before Sanjana agrees she asks for help from Mahira.

Preeta Janki and Shristi goes out. Pawan and Prithvi manage to go out of the room with the help of goons before Preeta runs away goons grabbed her and say her to stop. Now we will see will Preeta be able to get rid of Prithvi. It is telecast at 9:30 PM on Zee5 and Zee TV.


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