“Kundli Bhgaya” show in today’s episode start with Rakhi enters the Mahesh Luthra room. She sits beside him and holds his hand and said that whenever he will be fine and come outside from the coma then she will tell him. Because she takes so much rest, she mentions that she is interesting to talk to her. She has to look he is her need because they both protect their family. But now you, can’t do that that’s why he has to wake up because she needs to take caring of the family. She tries to make him understand what happened. Sherline and Maira come to the room.

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2020 Written Update

Sheline asks what happen to her, Rakhi tries to say that she is alright. however, Sherline tells that she doesn’t know how to talk because now they are relatives now. Then Maira said that her mother never talks like this in any situation. Maira also said that she also has to saw her mother what to do for the family. Rakhi does not tolerate the taunts that are why she said stop talking because Sarla is elder now. That is why they both have to give the respect whom they respect because she is also someone’s mother.

Rakhi said she wants to spend time alone but now it not mean then she go outside of the room. Shrishti asks what happen, Preeta thinks Janki does not hide rather she is conscious, because they hold her. Pawan asks the Gochu that how can he did this big mistake. Because that wrong scholar mekr understand Preeta and Shree Devi that marriage will not happen. As we know the bride is conscious, the Shrishti give the warning for the serious results. But then Pawan mentions that before the talk she has to think because he starts the mortgage both of them.

He gives him the order that they tie both of them still they protest them. Janki thinks and walks that for the confirmation what can she do, that Preeta will get outside from the kidnappers she looks that Soman walks that’s why she hides but kidnappers taking the pictures but she again hides from them. Then she saw that he has a gun then she tries to fight him as a Sarla. And even they don’t know what happens with Preeta that is why this all depends on her and she has to do fight for Preeta. For more written episodes keep follow our websites and stay connected with us.


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