As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people, show has great TRP on the televison. As we know the show is running well with the twists. The show is very interesting and entertaining. We all are aware of all the characters, they have played amazingly their roles. So here we are sharing the promo videos of the show as a written update. The episodes start with Karan saying to Sameer that Preeta said to him, that he has to go for practice, and business is at a loss because of Karan and he has to earn and pay Compony for the losses. Sameer replies to Karan Preeta is wishes good for you as Rishab Bhaiya, and Karan says she can not be as Rishab Bhai he is my elder brother. Sameer is happy that Karan has stopped drinking and is seriously thinking of Preeta. He finds happiness between them, he wishes Karan and Preeta to unite.

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2021

Karan and Sameer head home, while Preeta is taken in the police van. Prithvi sees Preeta in an energy look, Preeta says that she will come back very soon. Prithvi asks the servants to make the house as that was. Luthras get upset after hearing his all instructions. Karan asks Rakhi about Preeta, then Prithvi tells him that preeta has gone to the right place, which is prison. Karan was shocked after hearing his words. The entire family is sad after knowing that, Prithvi will do the same as he was doing. Now they have to follow his instruction as he will order them. Rakhi is very sad because of Preeta’s arrest. Karan is looking very sad and shocked.

When Preeta was going in the police van, Nagre comes to her and says, Preeta has realized how much is he powerful but Preeta replies She was thinking more powerful and dangerous before meeting Nagre but she was wrong. She says now she has realized that he is like a child, how he calls the ploice and cry as a kid.

Nagre says Preeta has a spark and a great attitude, but the spark has ruined her plan. She says she says will come back. Now the show is going to be very interesting after Preeta’s arrest. Now it is very interesting to watch, that what will Preeta do and what is her next Plan. It is possible that Karan will help her because as a look Karan is looking very sad after Preeta’s absence. Prithvi is very happy but this happiness is not for a long time. Because she asks him not to decide it soon, the time will show is safe and who is not. Episodes end. You can watch all the episodes on Zee Tv if you want the entire and full episodes, so you can watch it on Zee5 App at any time.


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