In the earlier episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see that Sherlyn goes to the hospital and Prithvi calls her. She did not pick up the call. Sherlyn then picks up the call and talks to Prithvi. Sherlyn says I am going to kill Preeta. Prithvi says that please do not do that. Then Prithvi tries to convince her. Sherlyn asks why you are so tense. Prithvi asks I have seen the future with you and I do not want you to be in the case of murder. Prithvi asks her to let him marry Preeta. Sherlyn says I cannot spare her as she knows many things about me. Sherlyn says I do not trust anyone.

In Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2019 episode we will see that Sherlyn is so desperate to kill her as Prithvi also loves her and Rishab also loves her. Sherlyn asks him to stay away as she will kill him otherwise. Sherlyn goes to find the ward of Preeta. She sees Preeta is lying there. Then she enters the ward. She talks to Preeta and asks her to talk to her. She says I just hate you as you do not have anything but Luthra brothers are so mad over you. Then she says you have to die as you and your family know a lot about me. She starts throttled her. Then suddenly Preeta wakes and struggles to survive.

Then Preeta wakes up and sees her. Sherlyn says that I will kill your mother. Preeta slaps her and then says that I will expose you. Preeta says how can you say anything about my mother. Sherlyn says you are in the hospital and how can you gather this much of courage to beat me. For more updates of Kundali bhagya latest episode stay tuned with us.


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