In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya we see that Sherlyn is so sad and angry. Sherlyn and Prithvi start fighting. Sherlyn asks him to do some work. Sherlyn says I cannot take this anymore. Prithvi starts yelling at her. Sherlyn calls one her goon and says where is the hospital. Sherlyn says I am going there. Prithvi stops her and says you should not go as everybody will ask where is the bride. She goes. Sarla asks dadi to go home as there is nothing which is good. Dadi says we should not go as Rakhi will get upset.

In Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2019 episode update, Sherlyn asks from one of the goons if Srishti is alive or not. He says yes she was there. Rakhi and everybody were sitting there and then Rakhi asks to complete all the rituals. Sherlyn’s mother says that we should give the next chance. Rakhi says for the first time the man of the house has won this ritual and competition. Sherlyn comes there and dadi says I will give you another round. Sherlyn says I have to go and do pooja until then no happiness will be there in our life. Sherlyn becomes so sad and acts like she is concerned about the family.

Sherlyn says that Srishti is the sister of Preeta. She asks him to kill them. Sherlyn says I will make them unconscious and then you will have to kill her. The man goes as the nurse where Preeta’s mother was lying on the bed. He takes out the injection and fills the medicine in it. He injects it into her. For more updates of Kundali Bhagya episode updates, stay tuned with us.


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