As we know Kundali Bhaya is a very popular show among people. It is running well with great TRP on television. Here we are sharing a full written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining as well.

Kunali Bhagya 12th February 2022 Written Update

The latest episode starts with Karan asking why should he listen to ti her orders because she is not his boss, Karan exclaims why should he tell her anything since she is not his wife, Karan bumps into Natasha who is about to fall when he manages to save her, Karan says her he will not earn any sort of profit and he will not obey her order. Natasha asks what is going on in the house, keeps reading.

Nagre asks Prithvi is he sure that Preeta would do what he wants, and Prithvi exclaims he is sure since he is the only one who knows where to strike Preeta, Nagre says that they both would go to finish her now then Prithvi calls suddenly someone directing them the address of the Luthra mansion.

Another side, Karina asks Kritkika why did they not tell her even after a lot has happened, Kritika questions how could she tell her when she went from the house with serious tension related to her friend, Karina says now she is fine, Preeta comes down the stairs asks Sherlyn if Nagre has also left, Sharlyn taunts her that is she her personal secretary so she will always update about all member’s activity. Preeta says that she was giving an indirect proposal but she is not educated to understand.

Kareena says why is Sharlyn trying to make relation with Preeta because Preeta has admitted that she is here only for money. She even praises Preeta for being so intelligent since she has ruined the plan of Nagre who won even from their lawyers.

Preeta exclaims that Sharlin has not right anything sake of family, as if she permitted to stay in this house then nothing like this would have ever happened, she knows about Prithvi is not a good person as he threw her husband in prison and even placed is a knife on his better half’s neck. Kritika asks her why is she dragging her in this.

Preeta tells that the truth is bitter, Sherlyn says they do not need to learn about the truth from her. Preeta sits when Nagre comes, Preeta questions what is he yet doing here since she forgot that he would not go so easily when she asks how did he like the tea made by Sherlin, Nagre exclaims it was really delicious.

Preeta says that she doesn’t know how to talk in the language of the lawyers but can say one thing, he must try to talk only when needed. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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