The Kundali Bhagya show is very popular among the people, the show has great TRP on Television. Here we will share with you the full written update of the latest. According to the promo videos, the latest episode is going to be interesting and entertaining. The show starts with Janki asking Sharlin what was in Prithvi’s room, what is the matter between them.

Kunadli Bhagya

Sharlin doesn’t answer her then Janki alert Preeta again. Janki tells her about Sharlin and Natasha’s misbehavior. Preeta thinks to tackle Sharlin and her so-called sister Natasha awaits Preeta to come at the stage and hold the mic, which will leave Preeta electrocuted. she wishes Preeta dies and leaves from Karan’s life forever. Keep reading.

Sherlin asks Prithvi will their plan work to kill Preeta. She asks that Preeta really get destroyed. He answers plan will definitely work, Preeta will die today. He tells her that she shouldn’t take him away from that he doesn’t come back to her. Earlier in the show, Prithvi, and Nagre support Natasha’s plan. Prithvi calms down Sherlin.

He asks Sherlin to take Prithvi for a private talk. Sharlin starts a fight with Prthviu and says don’t show tantrums to her. Sharlin says she did many crimes for him because of his revenge. She says not to vent his anger on Sharlin. He tells that she is jealous of Natasha, He says he doesn’t like his behavior.

Sharlin says to Prithvi that he can not take her away, after all, she is profitable for him. He tells that he is selfish and he can throw anybody from his life and says he is tolerating her because he loves her. Prithvi says he has to destroy the life of Preeta. Janki comes here and overhears their conversation. He finds Janki outside. Keep reading.

He tells Sharlin that his first enemies are the Luthra family, Sharlin pretends on seeing Janki. She tells that she will see Preeta later, but he can’t harm her family, who is her pride. Prithvi sees Janki and asks her what is she doing here and she replies she was passing by here.

She asks them what they were doing here together. Prithvi asks Kritika to get his cellphone. He says Sahrlin is the daughter-in-law of the Luthra’s house and Kritika is his wife. She also asks Janki not to spy on her. Then their argument continues. Now the serial is getting very interesting and entertaining as well because Preeta and Karan are getting close. Stay connected for more updates.


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