As we know Kindali Bhagya is a very popular show, it has great TRP on Television. Here we will share highlights about the latest episode by written update, Latest episode is going to be very interesting and entertaining as well. So the latest episode starts with Preeta is telling Janki that she changed so much and now she can not trust anyone.

Kunadli Bhagya 24th January 2022 Written Update

She says that she stooped forgiving too and she will punish if anyone make mistake then. Janki asks to stay alert. Preeta says she will win this war. She will do anything for her family. On the other side, Natasha says to Prithvi that she knows has an idea to stop Preeta. She reminds him that he brought her to Luthra’s house to get close to Karan but Preeta ruined everything. Prithvi and Sharlin stare her shock.

Natasha says they don’t know about her, what is she. She says she can handle 100 Preeta because she was just acting like an innocent and cute girl. Now she will come in her real face. Prithvi asks Sherlin that, what is she about to do. Sherlin replies she has no idea about this and leaves from there angrily. Karan asks Sameer why the latter seems upset.

He replies that Shrishti is ignoring him. Karan advises him to follow Srishti every time and say to her that he loves her and apologize to her. Prithvi Congratulates Preeta and tells her that she is lucky. She says to Prithvi no one can change the “Kundli Bhagya”, added he is nobody to change so he can not decide her death.

She says to him that, you are feeling sad to see her alive in the Luthra house. He says he is enjoying the game with his level rival. She laughs at him and says that his face tells something else. She asks him why he looks angry.

She tells him he is such a failure man. He tells her that she won’t get anything by throwing him out of the house that’s why she did nothing but she is doing everything to take over the business.

She tells him that she is feeling good to see his defeated face so Kept him for her entertainment. She says that he underestimated her. He asks her not to see the dreams which cant be complete. He says to her that she ruined his 2 years’ efforts so he will snatch her loving things. She tells him that she is not old Preeta to tolerate your stupidity.

She says that she will make sure that Prithvi apologizes to Luthra. He says what she will get by this. She replies she wants to hurt his ego that’s why and leaves from there. You will see Natasha is trying to do something with electric wire and smirks Sherlin wonders where Natasha went. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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