Here we are sharing with you today’s written update of Kundali Bhagyai, as we know that this show is very famous and popular on the ZEE TV channel. It’s going well with great TRP, and people like to watch this show, this episode is very famous on television, it’s a Hindi show and it is an Indian episode, This show is amazing and interesting Here we will share with you more information about the episode

Kunadli Bhagya 15th February 2022 Full Written Update

Prithvi ask Sherlin is very smart and she got the passage of time as Sherlin knew that he was doing a drama Prithvi was using to her fullest but he know that Kritika is not able to useing in the drama after that he threw her out of the room and she knows he used Kritika, He feels there is need to afraid of her smartness, Sherlin thinks that he provided one thing after scolding her.

Kritika knows that he is the son of his family when his family in the problem he is hurt with whatever wrong in his family, Prithvi mention her contribution and good since without her timing, they would not achieve anything, she has given injections to Mahesh when he lot his imagination, Prithvi says to Sherlin that they should not have done this with Kritika.

Sherlin shout he has done with a single arrow by scolding her, He made their family realize whatever they have done with Kritika, he realizes how much he loves Kritika because of Preeta, he knows Preeta wants to play a game now he realized that who was the boss, after that she gave him to drink, Preeta is thanking when he got arrested her, he has paid the police officers to kill her.

When she was on the terrace and open the window she is standing there with sadness, she was calling her mother because her mother is her strength and she is always with her, she thinks whatever done today as she has made lots of effects to bring Mahesh papa and full family, but everything changed in a one moment, once again she wants him to back to live with his family, she can not do anything but she will try Mahesh papa live with them as the same goodwill.

Sameer starting question to Natasha when Natasha came to have some air, Natasha accepts to listen to their conversation, she asks why he taking the advice to a man about the problem related to a girl, Sameer says he is my brother and he will give him the good and right advice, Natasha says that he should take to help of the girl because she knows the problem of another girl, he will have to do something and it will cheer up her. Stay tuned for more updates.


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