Here we are going to talk about one of the best and all the hit reality show Kumkum bhagya, many of you would be watching this show because it is one of the most popular show ever, who gets high TRP. There are many people who watch it and give their love.  It is telecast on Zeetv in the evening. This article is all about this show, here we about to tell the updates of this show. So if you long to know that what is going to happen in the serial or what is happening, so read that article till the top to bottom.


Let’s know the last episode, you have seen Ranbir who loves Milya, he tried to make Maya’s family feel that he loves Prachi truly, which he does, he really loves Maya but their family doesn’t believe, and they think he is just pretending to love Prachi. Maya’s father says he is waiting for the right moment to teach Ranbir a lesson. Ranbir says to prachi to get closed to him and when Maya Sees both of them together, she tells to mom to call off the wedding and she also tries to save or confront their relationship from the mom.

There is also a moment of the main character, and most lovely moment in the show when Abhi and Pragya come across and see their old photos with each other and they are most in their old and lovely moment when they both were together, meanwhile, Ranbir’s Dadi comes and tells Sarita about Ranbir and Prachi.

If we talk about tonight’s episode, Maya asks Prachi if she is in love with Ranbir suddenly a salesgirl interrupts and says, she is completely in love with Ranbir and she doesn’t get afraid of losing the job. Maya and the salesgirl start fighting on the spot and Maya’s parents, they are also there, they tried to stop them.

When the salesgirl gets to know that Maya’s father is a politician and runs away from there, but Maya is quite angry and she longs to know who was that girl so that she can punish her. And Maya wants to know Ranbir and Prachi’s answer. Finally, Ranbir confesses that he is in love with Prachi but no one knows yet, you are the one, who knows about our relationship.

Pragya is in her room, and she gets a photo of Abhi in her Cupboard. She remembers and misses him, on the other hand, Abhi also finds her photo and start missing her, it seems a lovely moment for a while, don’t miss to watch this upcoming episode and keep giving your love like this to this show, follow our page for more updates like this and stay connected with us always.


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