In this latest episode that is on 20 July. In this Disha tells Purab about Kiara’s parents. This episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Pragya scolding Kiara and ask a question from her to go to school. How her superman sang a rap for her and made her forget the damage. But Pragya is unaware of her superman being Abhi.

Purab comes to Abhi rooms and asks about Kiara. Abhi was smiling Purab sees. Abhi tells him of his encounter with Pragya. Abhi tells that she met him outside the house and left. Purab listens very carefully to Abhi. Abhi tells to Purab that Pragya that now Pragya got married to the King and now she is his wife and they live together in a room. To listen the Abhi, Purab gets shocked. 

Abhi tells Purab everything about their encounter. He also says in a very sad voice that he is now broken badly and has no strength to deal with any emotional issues. Purab asks him to tell him his feelings whenever he feels like this. Purab understands every situation that is felt by Abhi. Purab is trying to help Abhi in his bad condition.

In another side, they miss each other. Abhi recalls Pragya to confessing her love for him. Because Abhi fells that Pragya will understand his feelings.

Disha comes home and gets collides with Dasi. She tries to tell Dasi about Kiara being Pragya’s and Abhi’s daughter but in the meaningless mean. Disha collides with Purab and tells him that Kiara is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter. But Purab tells Disha that Pragya is now married to some other person that is King and that Kiara is Pragya and king’s daughter.

Disha says she thinks Kiara is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter. Purab asks to her that there is no need to tell anything to Abhi for the time being until they find out the truth about Kiara.


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