In the latest update of Kumkum  Bhagya 24 September, 2018 King gave a promise to keep Pragya happy. The latest episode starts with King and Abhi both are talking about love when King remembers about Pragya. Abhi was very angry with King, he thinks that King blamed to Prgya for her every mistake. Abhi Kumkum the king to keep his wife Pragya happy and do not blame her for anything.

Mithali listens to her conversations very carefully. She gets in a panic mood when she listens to Neha saying that she will marry the person whom she loves him. Disha tries to calm Mithali. She gets very angry and stars talking in a loud voice. Everyone saw Mitahli be angry. King told  Abhi to go home and trips to him.Image result for kumkum bhagya written episode 21 september 2018

Abhi told to King to promise that he will keep Pragya happy. Abhi was very confident for the answer that King will say yes for this. Mithali saw to Abhi that he walked to Neha. But Abhi cannot walk towards him he was straight to his room. The situation gets very bad everyone gets in a sad and angry mood. So Purab and Disha control the whole entire situation. To saw Abhi is in the sad mood she goes to prepare the coffee for Abhi.

When Kings came at home and saw Pragya then he remember the Abhi talk that he said all about the Pragya. She gets very shocked to listening to him. Abhi is very upset and set on her room and he misses to Pragya when Disha cames to his room and tells him that the family needs him. King tolds to Pragya that Abhi tolds him that he should never blame her for anything. King further tolds that he has promised to keep her happy always. Soon, she reminds Abhi accused her of Death of Dadi.


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