Here we are talking about the “Kumkum Bhagya” written updates of 18 August 2020. The episode begins with the when he asked Sarita that how she knows he came to her and in the left hand tapped on her rightsholder. Saria says that she plays this game since childhood. Abhi says you take too much time to make the tea and Sarita sniff’s the tea smell. Abhi says tea is good. Sarita tells that she doesn’t want to ask but still, she want to know where is the money. She says that they were caught the thief but he kept the knife on her neck and he snatched the money and run away. Abhi says don’t wry, they will not together.

Kumkum Bhagya

Sarita tells that she wants to set her with Prachi’s mother. But she denies it because she still loves her husband. Abhi also says that he denies the offer because he still loves his wife. She says that her husband deceives her and she never forgets him. Sarita said that her photograph behind the box office. Pragya tells her that she came back home. When Sarita tells Abhi that they will not come today because she will come today. Abhi says He wants to see a heroin photograph, not a loser’s photo. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Prachi says thank you. Ranbir says whatever is done with you he said that he can’t understand.

Prachi remembers Alia’s word which is very abusive words but Ranbir stands for her that he knows the Prachi and her family as well as. She cleans her tears. Subhan Allah plays….Prachi cry. He makes her understand and says stop crying and give her the sympathy that he is with her. And he said if you can’t stop crying so he also starts crying. He asks shall I bring the wipe. Riya has come there and jealous to see them near. She walks between both of them and tells them that she came to take the key.

Alia gets the footage of Sumit man where they teased and he will prove now that Prachi is a thief. She thinks that whatever Riya kept in hand and whoever I look at, his/her life is ruined. Riya come outside and start crying and think that Prachi snatched everything from her first Ranbir and now her father. She thinks why she did this with me and hit on the car. Pragya comes there and asks her what happen? Riya hugs the Pragya and says that doesn’t live her ever. Pragya makes her understand and said that she is always staying with her. For more written updates stay tuned with us.


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