Abhi tells Purab that he is his brother and will never let him leave…

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi packs his bags and says that he will leave with Purab and Disha. Purab asks Abhi that he cannot leave as Mehra Mention is his home. Abhi tells Purab that he is his brother and will never let him leave. Abhi scolds Purab for taking such a rash decision without consulting him.

Abhi says nobody listens to him in his house and leaving with telling him like Pragya did many years ago. He requests Purab to not leave him with Disha. Abhi packs his bag and is about to leave,  Alia tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to her.

Dasi,  Mitali and others also pack their bags and decide to leave with Purab and Disha,  Disha gets emotional and says all of them love them too more than their own relatives.

Alia apologises to Abhi and says she will never repeat this ever again. She apologizes to Abhi again and says she will never repeat this mistake. Dasi asks Abhi to forgive Alia and he asks her to apologizes to Disha for the mistake.

Abhi says he is happy that she realized her mistake and warns that this was her last mistake with the connection to Purab and he says next time he will not let her apologize then.

Disha hugs Abhi and Purab. The entire family is happy to be together. Alia to goes to her room,  realizing her mistake. She says she will speak with ‘him’.

Kiyara seeks permission from her mother Pragya to allow her to go visit Sunny’s home. Kiyara then emotionally blackmails her mother and King watches from distance. Pragya feels bad and allows Kiyara to go meet her friend Sunny. Kiyara hugs her father King and happily leaves to meet Sunny and his family.



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