Zee Tv’s favorite show Kumkum Bhagya whose latest update will get you through this article. Before getting information about the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya we will recap its previous episode. We saw in the last episode that Abhi and Pragya find out the truth. So let’s destroy the suspense and know what interesting happing in the episode or what will happen in the upcoming episode. Move forward now.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 29th October 2020 – Pragya To Give Life To Riya For Her Happiness

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Alia fires up in anger and asks Pragya to give life to Riya for her happiness. She says that if you love Riya, go away from here. On the other hand, Abhi tries to bring Pragya back home but her efforts go in vain and Alia speaks very well to Pragya but after knowing the truth Abhi tries to slap Alia, but Pragya stops her. Alia taunts Pragya and says that because of her my brother was about to kill me. Aaliya explains the similarity between Abhi and Pragya’s destiny and states that she can never reunite with her daughter and I will never let this happen.

In the next scene, Abhi pulls aliya to his side and he argues with her while saying this that Pragya is the Mom of Riya on the other side Pragya Remembers all the talks related to aliya and goes from there Abhi notice that Pragya has gone from there for finding her, Although Aliya Stops her and argue with Abhi, she also asks some questions to Abhi and, Aliya forces to make a wrong perception by Abhi, she makes him think that Pragya has come back to take the revenge of Kiyara death.

Meanwhile, Ranbir rushes out of the hospital to convince Riya so that he and Prachi can live happily ever after. Prachi tries to join Pragya through a call but Pragya gets her phone from her hand. Falls. Pragya reminds her of her conversation with Riya and takes a taxi to the hospital. On the other hand, Abhi finds Pragya and remembers Aaliya’s words.

On the other side, Pragya reaches the hospital and goes to Riya’s room and she is very disappointed to see her lying unconscious and remembers the moments with Riya and apologizes for leaving her. Pragya breaks down completely and requests Riya to get up. On the other hand, Abhi constantly thinks about Pragya and feels that she has gone home. He remembers how Prachi used to call him Sahab and decided that he would reveal the truth to him. While thinking about Prachi’s happiness, Abhi blames herself for knowing the truth of her father-daughter relationship with Abhi and that is when the episode ends.


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