The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya began when Pragya was about to see Abhi’s face, but Meera comes and interrupts. Seeing Meera and Rhea, Pragya leaves the room, and again, Pragya was not able to see Abhi’s Face. Then Pragya went into her room and looked at the moon, and on the other side, Abhi also felt a little better and goes near the balcony. While looking at the moon, they both think about each other.

Next morning Pragya reaches home with Prachi and Shahana. Prachi received her job letter and got excited and gets ready for her interview at Mr Mehra’s office. Pragya wishes her and gave her blessings then Prachi looked for a cab and left for the interview. She was nervous about her interview. On the other side, Ranbir and Aryan unknowingly splash mud on Prachi as they were passing by her side in the car. Prachi did not see their faces and ran after them. Seeing Prachi running after them Ranbir drives off, and Prachi bumps into Abhi and Vikram’s car.

Seeing Prachi in that condition, Abhi again started scolding her. Prachi got frustrated and began to vent out her anger on Abhi, saying that she missed her job interview because of those guys. Abhi took his file and hand over to Prachi and hires her as Vikram’s secretary. Prachi got shocked, but she accepts the offer. On the other side at Abhi’s house, Meera tells Pallavi that Rhea’s anger is now getting worse and its difficult to handle her now. Meera also felt insure by seeing Rhea getting close to Prachi’s mother. Pallavi suggests Meera that Rhea should visit Abhi’s office and she should spend some quality time with her father.

In the evening, Prachi comes back home and tell them about Mr Mehra offering her a job. Pragya asks her how she will handle this job. Prachi assures her, saying she will learn and handle everything.

Prachi forgot her file at home, and Pragya calls her informed her about the file. Prachi then requests Pragya to handover the file at the venue where Pragya listen to Abhi voice and got happy that Prachi is working with her father. Now in the next episode 17 June 2019 of Kumkum Bhagya hopefully Abhi and Pragya will face each other or not and how Rhea will react knowing that Prachi is working in her dad’s company.



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