In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya Abhi and Pragya get locked in a room, and Pragya gets panic by this incidence. The episode starts with Pragya asking a question to Disha that why she and anyone from the family did not try to patch up between them. Disha said that they tried but in a useless way.
Pragya said that from now she is with King and Abhi is with Tanu and both are happy with our’s life partner. And now we can’t stay together because we can not stay happy Pragya told this to Abhi. He gets very upset after taking with Pragya.

Abhi gets a call from his wife Tanu after thus he walks towards the room. Abhi gets locked in the room he walks in the room. He thinks Kiara has called and someone locks him in the room. Pragya searches for Abhi. she gets shocked to not to find the Abhi in the room.

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Everyone is looking for Abhi. Abhi listens to the announcement but he can not able to answers. He got very upset and starts crying. Abhi gets wonders if he will be able to meet the parents of Kiara. But due to lock in the room, he can not meet to parents.

Alia comes there and asks for Tanu that where is he. Pragya searches for Abhi, she gets reaches the room and opens it. Abhi does not say that it is her and begins hitting randomly to Pragya. He gets surprised on seeing her and they both argue with each other. Someone locks Abhi and Pragya up between there arguments. They both get locked again. Abhi was happy to say this but Pragya was shocked to say this. Abhi teases Pragya to being jealous of Tanu but Pragya gots annoyed. They both plans to get out of the room.


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