In this latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Tanu challenges Pragya to prove that she is not in love with Abhi. In this episode on 27 July 2018, Tanu keeps taunting Pragya and she asks her to keep away from Abhi. Tanu said this to Pragya in the very bad way. Tanu asks Pragya to give proof that she has no love for Abhi and says that she will insult her in front of the public. But she does not get socked to listen to this because Pragya knows the al about to Tanu.

Tanu asks Pragya that if she accepts the challenge. Pragya said that she has not changed in all these years. Pragya said these words in a very positive attitude. But Tanu told to believe to this and she said things have changed as she is Abhi’s wife and Pragya is the second woman. Tanu mocks Pragya and told her that she was always after men who are rich. Tanu is so greedy women. Pragya knows this till starting. She never believes in stories or Tanu. Pragya told to Tanu that she is married to King Singh. Pragya tells to Tanu that she is so happy in her life with her husband King.

Pragya said that she is not ready to listen to Tanu but the latter she asks her to prove that she is not after to Abhi. King enters the jewelry shop and wonders why is she rude? She asks Pragya to accept the challenge and then Abhi enters. Pragya congratulates Abhi for having married Tanu. Pragya was not happy to listen about the marriage of Abhi with Tanu.

kumkum bhagya written episode update on 27th july 2018

Pragya feels very sad and is about to leave. Tanu told Abhi has stopped Pragya because he wants to took back the Mangalsutra that is a bee in the neck of Pragya. Tanu says that she will herself took out Mangalsutra from Pragya’s neck. Pragya wonders what could be the area for Abhi to have married Tanu. She says will ask Abhi forever. Purab enters the shop and is finally able to meet Purab. The two got emotional and he hugs his sister. While she is talking to Purab, Disha and hugs her. They all get emotionally.

Disha says she is angry with Pragya for not having met them in these years. Disha and Purab come to know that Pragya is hurt. They both get anger. Tanu says Disha and Purab’s son calls her Chachi. Purab says he will also call Pragya as Chachi. Pragya will happy to listen.

Pragya is happy to meet Disha. Pragya feels hurt that Abhi keeps throw her out of his life and how it will be difficult for her to live without her family. Alia is unhappy with the celebrations for Purab and Disha but is happy that Tanu is trying to be nice in front of her family members. But the reason behind this to show the good in front of others.

Alia warns Mitali to not mess with her. Dasi overhears their discussion and sees Alia threatening Mitali. Dasi asks to Mitali to not listen to Alia at all. She said that Alia is not well so as not to listen to the words.

Tanu invites King and Pragya to the wedding anniversary of Disha and Purab. She says Pragya has accepted her challenge. To invite the Pragya there is a plan behind this. Pragya was happy to be invited to the party.


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