The episode of KumKum Bhagya begins with Disha going to Tanu’s room to confront her about her evil act against Kiara. She warns Tanu not to hurt Kiara. Tanu tells her that she didn’t harm Kiara but Disha is Adamant about finding an evidence against her.

Tanu tries to think of an idea to shock Kiara her place. She thinks of spilling oil on the stairs so that the Kiyara slips over it. After putting Abhi to sleep, Kiyara and Sunny go to his room. Kiyara slips on the stairs and starts crying, everyone comes to see what went wrong while Tanu cleans the spilled oil. Disha notices it and realizes that Tanu was up to something. Disha scolds Sunny for not taking care of Kiyara but he blames Tanu.

Pragya tries to call Kiyara. Kiyara tells her that she has heart herself after falling down. Pragya tells her that she will come to Sunny’s house immediately. Abhi rushes after learning that Kiyara has fallen down. Abhi tries to specify her. He shows her his Guitar and raps for her. Kiyara forgets her pain as Abhi makes her laugh. Abhi takes Kiyara to his room and to have some fun singing a rap song.

Disha Also says that she will go and tell everything to Abhi Jiju and then he will only ask her the truth. Tanu stops her but refuses to acknowledge that she is at fault. Abhi, Sunny, and Kiara are in his room playing carrom board. They have a good time. Kiara’s foot hurts and Abhi suggests to call her mother but Kiara pleads him not do.

Disha disagrees with Sunny’s plan to handle Kiara’s mother but Kiara tries to coax her into helping them. She says that her mother won’t let her come to Sunny’s house. Disha suggests dropping Kiara back to her house so that her mother that she is fine. Kiara is sad that her mother would scold Abhi for not taking care of Kiara.

Kiara calls Pragya to inform her that she has reached home. Disha drops Kiara home and sees Pragya’s picture in Kiara’s room and gets shocked.




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