“Kumkum Bhagya” the show episode begins with Alia hear the talk on a call with a friend and tells that she comes alone because Ranbir goes to meet with Prachi. He tells that Ranbir tells him that he will purpose to Prachi and give her a red rose in front of everyone. Alia gets shocked when she listens to all the things. Ranbir said to Prachi to listen.. and said you are nice and I am okay and said you don’t think that we will make out life together perfectly. Does he ask that do you want me in your life?

kum kum bhagya

Prachi gets emotion and shakes her head. Ranbir gets happy and said that he knows it happens and that is why I bought something for you. Prachi thinks and guess did he take a ring for her and then purpose to her. Ranbir tries to take outside somethings and ask did I purpose you as a friend Prachi said she thinks Ranbir said that did you accept something else which I have to tell you before. They said thank you ….. to support me in my marriage. He said that you save me and you teach me about friendship meaning.

He ties the friendship band in his hand and said he will never remove this band ever. She said never ever. Ranbir said that if Maya does not come so till now marriage was completed. Prachi still keeps quite. Ranbir said that you know very well that what is in our heart and mouth. They said we will talk about closeness and talk about the mourn. One the day they play Subhan Allah…he holds the hand. Prachi go far slowly and keep smiling. Riya is drunk and comes downstairs. Abhi looks at her and takes her in his room. Alia says that Riya tells her everything.

Riya tells that she doesn’t get their love, She said that she is in love.  Abhi said that he knows that Ranbir….! Roohi said that he doesn’t know that she gets love or not and tells that if she doesn’t get then she will go away so far. Abhi asks from her that do you really love him, Riya says yes. Abhi said that if Ranbir really loves you so no one can snatch him from you. Riya said that if Ranbir gets marry to that girl then she will kill ourselves. For more updating written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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