Hey serial watchers, we are back with the new amazing and twisting episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 6, 2021. The fans are too excited to watch the next episode of the show because it will come with the lovable story of Pragya and Abhi. The upcoming episode begins from where Abhi comes to sleep and suddenly.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2021

Tanu and Aliya come to him and says that where did he go last day? What is wrong going on with him and Abhi tells them that he was one job. Tanu and Aliya ask him that he is lying. Abhi tells them that there was a vacancy in Pragya’s company and now, I am working there.

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Abhi tells that on the first day of his job, Pragya said that she doesn’t want to see him around her and just because of the contract, they could fire me from the job else they will have to pay three months of salary to me. Tanu says maybe, Pragya is getting jealous because of our relationship and she can’t see us happy.

Abhi replies to her that you don’t need to fly high, and there are no any things between us so, she should feel jealous of us. There is a plan of Sushma and she wants to I should work under Pragya as a servant. Sushma wants that when I will work under Pragya so, they can easily scold me any time and it will help them.

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Tanu says that maybe, it is a plan of Pragya but Abhi says that I can’t happen and suddenly, Aliya says that Pragya can also do this, Bhai? Abhi says if she wants this so, she should not try to fire me from that job but she gave me a warning to not come around her.

I am yearning for myself because I am tolerating three people at the same time, Pragya as owner, Sushma aunty as a planner, and Gautam Thapar as a business partner. Aliya ask that who is Gautam Bhai. Abhi says Pragya started to wear a suit since then, she thinks that she knows everything about the universe.

Abhi reveals many things about Gautam and also says that Gautam can’t find the reality of her partner and he doesn’t have good intentions regarding to Pragya and even, he warns Pragya to keep away from him but she doesn’t want to listen. Aliya asks what means Gautam is not good.

Leave him. Tanu says you don’t need to work under Pragya but Abhi says they don’t have another option and also, they will have to pay Rs 1 Lakh to the car manager. Tanu says don’t taunt on me.

Aliya says bhai, we are not taunting on you but you know very well that  Pragya knows that it is a compulsion for you and she is trying to fire you from your job. She is using her powers. Now, tell me what to do says Abhi. Aliya says when the exact time comes, you will also show her your anger.

Aliya asks him, where is he going? for drinking alcohol. Abhi replies if he will not drink, how will he sleep. Suddenly, Aliya stops him and says okay, so, drink in the name of Pragya, so a day will come when you will sleep peacefully and she becomes poort. The Episode Ends.


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