In the latest episode, you will see that Pallavi says to Beeji that whatever they wanna do, they should go to their home and do it there. Ranbir says to them that they came here as Sid asked them to come here. He said that you both speak with your hearts and also tells Prachi that he can’t see her when she is being insulted. Prachi replies that after marriage, he has much change. Ranbir says that I am not changed but you have. He replies that my relation did not change with you. I am still the same but changed with you says Prachi. He says why you always turn your face in front of us and says to her that Prachi did not force me to marry but I did. He told her that on that day, I went temple and says that if she doesn’t marry so, I will kill myself.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2021 Written Update

Then, Ranbir tells everything to and also, added that he came to Bangalore as well to follow her. On the other side, the episode come with more twist as we know that Pragya and Abhi are also coming closer to each other and another side, there is a storm between Rhea and Prachi’s life. As Sid and Rhea have got married in a situation where peddlers and police were trying to catch her to take back drugs from them. The condition became worse and they had to marry. While the episode shows you that the business partner of Pragya has no good intentions for her and wants to do something wrong with her and at the same moment, he hands over the business to the partner to give her a promotion.

Along with this, the business partner will ask him that what did you say wrong about Pragya and he starts beating him but suddenly, Pragya comes between them and intervene there but Pragya support that man in the fight and says many things to Abhi and also, says to him that who the hell are you to interfere in my life. You can not do something in my life and there is no matter if you do, you don’t have rights on me and now, I am going to tell everything to Pragya.

Also, we can see that there is lots of love between them but the ego is the main cause of their relationship and they don’t want to become together because of their ego. Now, you will also see that Rhea and Prachi started to living under the same roof and the episode will show you many moments including explosions, love, and fights. Everything will be held because Rhea is not ready to know Prachi as her sister. She says that Prachi is my enemy and because of her, Rhea’s parents have been separated and her life is also ruined.

Now, it will be interesting to see that what will happen in the upcoming episode because lots of twists, love, fight and many more things will be seen in a single episode, and day by day, the episode will become more interesting for all the fans. To know more updates, keep staying with us.


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