Today’s episode starts with Mr. Saluja who says that I have never seen such kind of competition before this. Abhi agrees with him and says that I always want that there should be a competition in everything and now this is time to celebrate. Gautam calls Pragya and asks her to clear one thing about Mehra’s Mansion whether she wants to keep it or sell it. Pragya says that I have already informed Sushma and don’t feel that I need to share this with anyone. Gautam thinks about Pragya and Abhi that she was rude to Abhi and also called him a thief still he is talking to Pragya and never showed his anger. The secretary is thinking’ about Abhi that he is celebrating with bidders as this is his first auction and

Kumkum Bhagya, 14th July 2021 Episode

sometimes bidders used to send Their proxy at the auction. Pragya congratulates Mr Saluja and shakes hands with him. He kisses her hand and take off his hat. Pragya got shocked when she sees Abhi as Mr Saluja. Pragya gets upset with him and says that you deceived me once again. He says that I cannot take anyone’s lecture and win the challenge. Pragya says that you were a deceiver before and still the same. Abhi says that you had become more irritating now. Abhi says that you asked me to earn money and save my property. Now, don’t you dare to challenge me ever again?

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Abhi says that my name is Abhishek Prem Mehta. I have won this challenge with love so next time if you want to win, just show me your love. I have nothing left in my life which can motivate me to do some work in life. Once I’ll find my live, I’ll be able to manage everything like before.

He advise Pragya to call his name ten times in a day so she can call him politely. He hands over a jacket to Pragya and asks her to give it to Mr. Saluja which makes her angrier. Prachi walks neatly the door and calls Ranbir. She says that people have always created problems for her. Prachi gets a call from Sid and Ranbir says that why do you call Prachi.

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He says that I called her for some work. She says that I have hand over the papers to the manager and cuts the call. He asks Prachi why do you talk to him. She says that we were friends but now he just called me for work only. Prachi goes to the kitchen and Ranbir says that you are not allowed to enter here. She says that we are a couple and we should equally manage our responsibilities. She says that I will cook vegetables and teach Ranbir how to make flour.

Sushma Ji asked Pragya not to think about Abhi. Pragya says that it took me two years to forget all this and earn this property and Abhi ruined it in just one day. Abhi comes to the Mehra Mansion which makes Pragya annoying. She warns the guards not to let him enter the house again. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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